Multivitamins do nothing for your heart health and don't prevent heart attacks

The vitamin industry is booming, having successfully persuaded millions of people that a few supplements a day could stave off all kinds of life-threatening health issues. But more and more studies are calling these promises into question.

Now, a new study has taken aim at one particularly popular myth: that multivitamins prevent heart attacks, strokes and other causes of cardiovascular death. The paper by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham looked at data on 2,000 people over 12 years and found supplements had no impact at all on heart health.

If anything, it could be detrimental, said lead author Joonseok Kim, MD, in a withering attack on the vitamin industry. Those who took multivitamins seemed to feel they were doing something to improve their health, while continuing to smoke and eat junk food, he warns.


Kim's study is an analysis of 18 published studies that have been published by the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

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