Can magnets really ease the side-effects of chemo?

Could a simple magnet that you stick to your underwear really help with some of the unpleasant side-effects of breast cancer treatment?

It might sound extraordinary, not least because most doctors are sceptical about the health benefits of magnets. But this is not a marketing manager’s claim — it’s the belief of a breast cancer surgeon, and appears to be backed up by a small trial.

During breast cancer treatment, women who have yet to go through the menopause may develop such symptoms as hot flushes.
‘Chemotherapy can stop the ovaries from working, so the production of oestrogen is cut,’ says Tena Walters, a consultant breast surgeon at The London Breast Clinic and the Lister Hospital, Chelsea. ‘This has a similar effect to when oestrogen production falls at the menopause. The other big cause is hormonal treatments such as tamoxifen.’

These drugs are given to women who have had ‘oestrogen-receptor positive’ tumours — meaning their cancer is encouraged to grow and divide by the presence of oestrogen.

Source  - Daily Mail

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