Woman, 48, develops high blood pressure after drinking three cups of liquorice tea every day

A 48-year-old woman developed high blood pressure due to her love of three cups of liquorice tea each day, a case report reveals.

The unnamed patient, believed to be from Sheffield, was plagued by dull headaches, nausea and dizziness for four months before becoming 
concerned. Doctors warned her daily habit for liquorice tea was to blame as it caused her to develop hypertension and low levels of potassium in her blood.

As soon as she stopped drinking so much of the sweet brew, all of her symptoms disappeared, medics wrote in the BMJ Case Reports

Upon initial inspection, doctors struggled to find a root cause for her high blood pressure. They sent her home with medication. However, drugs proved to have no effect and doctors grew increasingly concerned that her condition was worsening rapidly. That was when the woman realised her headaches, a symptom of hypertension, was likely due to her love of liquorice tea.
 She said her husband uncovered the link between liquorice and high blood pressure which made her highlight her habit to the doctors. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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