Coffee drastically lowers your risk of heart failure and stroke

Everyone can decrease their risk of stroke and heart failure just by drinking an extra cup of coffee a day, according to new research.

A study found that with every cup, the addictive beverage lowers the risk of stroke by eight percent and heart failure by seven percent. Adding just one extra cup of coffee a day may be enough to reduce the risk, and the research published by the American Heart Association found no limit to how much you can consume. This study adds to the growing body of evidence that the drink has valuable health benefits, as previous research has found it to fight certain cancers, relieve headaches, help lose weight and make you live longer. 

Researchers used a machine to analyze data from the long-running Framlingham Heart study, which has investigated heart disease for more than 60 years. The analysis by the University of Colorado was then compared with two other traditional studies to get the overall trend. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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