The quackery cures of yesteryear

It was not unusual for Victorian women to be given orgasms by their doctors – in a bid to cure them of their 'hysteria', a common problem said to affect three in four.

Cocaine was also once used to soothe tooth pain – and was famously an ingredient in Coca Cola – while tobacco enemas were a form of first aid given to revive drowning victims in the 18th century. These and many more weird and wacky medical remedies from the past that were once considered the norm have been revealed in a new book, Quackery: A Brief History Of The Worst Ways To Cure Everything.

The tome also reveals how strychnine – used in rat poison – was the Victorian's answer to Viagra to treat impotence and in Medieval times, women believed carrying weasel testicles in their bosom worked as a contraceptive.

Source  - Daily Mail

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