Daily magnesium supplements 'significantly' reduce blood pressure

Daily magnesium supplements significantly reduce blood pressure, new research reveals.

Taking a 300mg tablet, the recommended dose for males, lowers hypertension and boosts blood flow after just one month, a study review found. Researchers recommend magnesium supplements be considered for people suffering from, or at-risk of, high blood pressure. Yet, other experts argue dietary sources of the mineral, such as leafy greens, bananas and nuts, are sufficient to keep magnesium levels topped up. Excessive levels of the mineral can cause side effects, including diarrhea.

The researchers from Indiana University analyzed 34 studies with a total of 2,028 participants. Results reveal taking a 300mg magnesium supplement every day for one month is enough to significantly lower hypertension and improve blood flow. 

Lead author Dr. Yiging Song said magnesium supplements should be considered for lowering blood pressure in ‘high-risk persons or hypertension patients’.
The findings were published in the journal Hypertension

Source  - Daily Mail

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