Could tomatoes be a wonder cure for skin cancer?

Eating tomatoes each day could save the lives of skin cancer patients, new research suggests.

Compounds responsible for the Mediterranean fruit's bright red colour may protect against deadly damage from the sun's rays. A trial on mice showed those fed a daily diet of tomato powder, available in a range of supermarkets, had their tumours shrink. When skin cancer spreads in humans, genetically similar to mice, it can become fatal by proving hard to treat.

Ohio State University scientists fed mice a tomato powder-heavy diet for 35 weeks, while keeping a control group. All of the rodents were then exposed to ultraviolet light, a confirmed trigger of skin cancer in humans. They also discovered those who consumed the tomato powder had 50 per cent less deadly tumours. 

The latest study showed only carotenoid-full red tomatoes had any significant effect, helping to shrink tumours.

Source  - Daily Mail

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