Man suffered psychotic episode after drinking four cups of St John's wort-laced herbal tea a day

A man lost touch with reality during a psychotic episode after drinking four cups of herbal tea a day, it has been reported.

The Italian was hospitalised after suffering speech problems, delusions and paranoid thoughts – such as believing people could read his mind. Friends sought help for the unnamed 25-year-old who they say had been 'acting strangely' for a few days and behaving as if he were 'under the influence of an illegal drug'. 

For months previously, he had been drinking herbal tea laced with St John's wort – a popular over the counter remedy used to treat depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep problems, mild anxiety and jet lag.

The doctors who treated the man at AUSL Modena hospital in Italy say they could not rule out that the herb, known botanically as hypericum perforatum, did not contribute to the man's psychosis.
Source  - Daily Mail

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