Are YOU depressed? Take up Tai Chi

Taking part in Tai Chi could help to combat depression, new research claims.

Going to classes in the ancient Chinese martial art for 12 weeks significantly reduced symptoms of the blues. It can work independently of treatment, suggesting it can scupper the need for an antidepressant prescription, the small study shows.  The findings hold promise amid soaring rates of depression worldwide, with drugs and therapy often proving ineffective. 

The meditative practice, which has been used for more than 1,000 years, combines deep breathing and slow and gentle movements. Those given Tai Chi were taught basic traditional movements and asked to practice three times a week.

All 17 volunteers in the martial art reported significantly greater improvement in depression symptoms than the other two groups. Follow up assessment after six months showed sustained improvement, the report published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry states.

Source  - Daily Mail

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