Woman dies after being given Turmeric injection

A woman has died after receiving an injection of turmeric from a naturopath.
The common spice, used in curries, was partly responsible for the death of 30-year-old Jade Erick from San Diego in California, ruled a medical examiner. Ms Erick suffered a cardiac arrest caused by an adverse reaction to a turmeric solution administered intravenously.
A friend of hers told a local news channel she was interested in natural healing and her eczema had recently flared up, which could have led her to seek treatment. Turmeric is grown throughout India and in other parts of Asia and Central America. It is similar to ginger and its root can be ground into an aromatic yellow powder.

It has been used in traditional South Asian medicine for centuries for many conditions, and is often taken as a dietary supplement for conditions such as arthritis and stomach problems.

Source - Independent

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