Why yoga beats depression

Yoga can do more than just cure your back pain, it can also cure your depression. A new study has found that those with depression reduced their symptoms through the workout.

Previous studies have shown that yoga increases the production of serotonin - a mood stabilizer in the brain - and its emphasis in breathing, concentration and smooth movement helps reduce symptoms. Scientists say that this study underlines exactly why many doctors suggest yoga could even be a replacement for antidepressant drugs.

The study, conducted between Harvard University in Massachusetts and Columbia University in New York, held a 12-week integrative health intervention for 30 people, practicing yoga and breathing exercises.  Specifically, they practiced coherent breathing, where you take just five breaths per minute. The participants took classes in Iyengar yoga, which focuses on detail, precision and alignment in posture and breath control.

Subjects were split into two groups: one taking three classes a week and one taking two classes a week. All of them were diagnosed with major depressive disorder and were either on no antidepressant medications or on a stable dose of antidepressants for 3 months or less.

Source  - Daily Mail

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