Ditch the paracetamol and try acunpuncture

Acupuncture can be used to relieve pain in sufferers of repetitive strain injuries, new research suggests.

Currently patients with carpal tunnel syndrome - common in office workers - undergo physiotherapy or surgery to assist them. It is caused by a nerve in the wrist being squeezed and subsequently alters an area of the brain related to touch, scientists claim. But the new study found the ancient Chinese practice rewires the brain and helps to combat the aching and tingling sensations.

Participants were given brain scans after receiving electro-acupuncture - similar to the traditional method but instead uses electricity to generate impulses - on their affected hand. They were also assessed by Massachusetts General Hospital researchers after having the same treatment on their ankle opposite their injured hand. Others received 'sham' acupuncture - where placebo needles were placed near their affected region.

Both real and sham acupuncture patients said symptoms improved, the researchers also found.

Source  - Daily Mail

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