Artichokes, leeks and onions could improve sleep and relieve stress

Eat onions, leeks and artichokes if you're stressed and struggling to sleep.

For scientists have discovered that the popular vegetables could help humans to relax - allowing them a better night's sleep. They are known to be high in prebiotics, dietary fibers that act as food for good stomach bacteria. And a groundbreaking new study has found these help to boost gut health by aiding the growth of beneficial bugs.   They also release metabolic byproducts which influence the brain into overcoming worry and fear, research shows. 

Experts believe the findings strengthen the ever-growing link between gut bacteria and overall health. A lot is already known about probiotics - live bacteria designed to improve gut health - but research on prebiotics is relatively scarce. 

To test their effects, a team of US scientists fed three-week-old male rats a diet of either standard chow or chow that included prebiotics. They then monitored the rodents' body temperature, levels of stomach bacteria and sleeping cycles using a brain activity testing. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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