Yoga, walking and swimming don't help to improve symptoms of the menopause

We've just been told that yoga, walking and swimming, can help to combat symptoms of the menopause.

But after reanalyzing the findings, the same experts have found there's no point buying a mat if you're suffering from hot flushes.  No form of exercise helped to improve sleep for women who often were disturbed at night, scientists have confirmed. 

Initially, researchers from the University of Washington, found that they helped to make a small improvement in sleep quality of menopausal women. But a secondary analysis showed that neither 12 weeks of yoga or aerobic exercise had an effect. Although the women had no problem in falling asleep, disturbed shut eye was common in all participants. This remained after both interventions, with women in all groups waking up during the night for an average of nearly an hour.

Source  - Daily Mail

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