Yoga, walking and swimming don't help to improve symptoms of the menopause

We've just been told that yoga, walking and swimming, can help to combat symptoms of the menopause.

But after reanalyzing the findings, the same experts have found there's no point buying a mat if you're suffering from hot flushes.  No form of exercise helped to improve sleep for women who often were disturbed at night, scientists have confirmed. 

Initially, researchers from the University of Washington, found that they helped to make a small improvement in sleep quality of menopausal women. But a secondary analysis showed that neither 12 weeks of yoga or aerobic exercise had an effect. Although the women had no problem in falling asleep, disturbed shut eye was common in all participants. This remained after both interventions, with women in all groups waking up during the night for an average of nearly an hour.

Source  - Daily Mail

Is sticking needles in babies really the best way to ease distress from colic?

Acupuncture may stop babies suffering from colic from crying so much, say scientists.

The research, led by experts at Lund University in Sweden, suggests the ancient Chinese practice could help reduce the distress of babies with the condition. Other scientists dismissed the idea, however, with one British professor saying the very idea of ‘sticking needles’ into a baby was ‘bizarre’.

Colic, which affects one in five babies, is the name given to a period of intense crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy. Experts are unsure what causes the problem, which usually lasts a few weeks in babies under the age of four months, but it is believed to be caused by indigestion, trapped wind or gut sensitivity.

Researchers tested 144 babies with colic, aged two to eight weeks, comparing the effects of two different forms of acupuncture to normal treatment. Each of the babies had been crying for at least three hours a day, on at least three days a week. One group of babies received minimal acupuncture, another group received individual acupuncture inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and the last group had no acupuncture.

Source  - Daily Mail