Why are probiotic yoghurts so good for us?

Scientists have finally dissected why probiotic yoghurts are good for our bodies.

We are all hounded by adverts and health alerts telling us probiotic yoghurts or supplements are packed with friendly bacteria that boost the body's defenses. But to date, the science behind that connection has been murky. Now, researchers have managed to shed light inside the black box of probiotics to uncover the mechanism by which these live bacteria confer health benefits to the gut. 

The benefits are down to the communication between the probiotic bacteria and the human host. This involves the bacterial secretion of a novel polysaccharide that tells the immune system to release certain immunity-stimulating chemicals.

The study looked at the bacteria strain Lactobacillus paracasei DG found in the one of Italy's most popular supplements Enterolactis on sale for the past two decades. In the experiments, researchers isolated the polysaccharide, which are large polymers of sugar molecules.

Source  - Daily Mail

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