Saturated fat is good for you, study claims

To eat butter or not to eat butter. That, believe it or not, has become quite the controversy in research circles this year.

One study by Tufts University made headlines in June declaring that one tablespoon of butter a day could make a small contribution to reducing the risk of diabetes.  That was swiftly followed by a Harvard University study that said saturated fat - like butter - increases one's risk of developing heart disease by 8 percent.

To complete the saga, the original report's author, Professor Dariush Mozaffarian, released another study in July that advised skipping the fatty spread where possible. 

Fast-forward to November and there is a new development: a Norwegian study has found that saturated fat is the key to boosting good cholesterol levels.
In fact, in the University of Bergen's randomized trial of 38 men with abdominal obesity, only the volunteers on a very-high-fat diet saw an increase in good cholesterol levels.  

Source  - Daily Mail

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