Just one glass of white wine a day can raise risk of developing skin cancer by 13%

A small glass of white wine a day could increase the risk of skin cancer by 13 per cent, a study suggests.

Drinking alcohol is associated with higher rates of invasive melanoma and white wine carries the greatest risk, according to the research. Those who drank a glass and a half of wine a day increased the risk of developing melanomas on the torso - a rare site of skin cancer - by up to 73 per cent compared with non-drinkers.

Each year, around 2,500 people die from malignant melanoma in the UK. While the link between sun exposure and skin cancer is well known, the fresh findings suggest white wine could lead to cancerous lesions in areas of the body which are less exposed to the sun.

Study author Professor Eunyoung Cho, from Brown University in the US, said: 'It was surprising that white wine was the only drink independently associated with increased risk of melanoma. The reason for the association is unknown. However, research has shown that some wine has somewhat higher levels of pre-existing acetaldehyde than beer or spirits.

Source  - Daily Mail

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