Why eating carrots, kale and sweet potatoes could prevent dementia as you grow older

Eating carrots, kale and sweet potatoes could prevent dementia in older adults, new research suggests.
Consuming the compounds that give plants and vegetables their vibrant colours can bolster brain functioning in older adults. Those who had lower levels of carotenoids in their system had to rely on more brain power to complete memory-orientated tasks, scientists found. The powerful compounds can be found in a range of colourful vegetables and are known to improve cognitive ability.

Researchers from the University of Georgia used functional MRI technology to investigate how levels of carotenoids affect brain activity. They gauged the brain activity of more than 40 adults between 65 and 86 years old while they attempted to recall word pairings they were taught earlier. Brain activity was then analysed while the participants were in the MRI scanner.

They found individuals with higher levels of lutein and zeaxanthin didn't require as much brain activity to complete the task. However, those with lower levels had to use more brain power and relied more heavily on different parts of the brain in order to remember the words. 

Source  Daily Mail

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