Struggling with incontinence?

Whenever you laugh, do you feel a desperate need to cross your legs? 

It's an embarrassing problem that stops some people from leaving the house or having a relationship. Yet millions suffer urinary incontinence in silence as they are too embarrassed to see their doctor about their symptoms.  Almost 50 per cent of women aged 45 to 60 are believed to have incontinence and Nadia Sawalha has recently announced that she too is a sufferer. But don't worry, it can be managed. Here, a range of leading nutritionists reveal exactly how dietary changes can help you to manage the condition.

Urge incontinence is where there is a sudden need to pass urine and the woman may not be able to get to the toilet in time.  An overactive or irritable bladder is often the cause. 
The bladder will often register the need to urinate when there is not much urine in there; it has become too sensitive and is telling that woman she needs to urinate when in fact she doesn't.  The solution for urge incontinence is retraining the bladder to go longer between toilet visits and using distraction techniques so that more urine is passed at each visit. 

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