Eating lots of garlic makes men 'smell more attractive to women'

Men: want more success with the ladies? Think your body odour could do with a bit of care and attention? Well, forget about pricey colognes, and just start increasing your garlic consumption.

Yes, garlic, that stinkiest of foodstuffs, can apparently make men smell more attractive to women. It sounds entirely counterintuitive, but that was the verdict of a 2015 study, the findings of which have resurfaced online in recent days.

Researchers from the University of Stirling and Prague's Charles University asked 42 men in rotation to eat raw garlic, garlic capsules, or no garlic, and wear pads in their armpits for 12 hours afterwards to collect body odour.

Then, 82 women were asked to sniff the odour samples and judge them on their pleasantness, attractiveness, masculinity and intensity. The body odour of the men was perceived to be "significantly more attractive and less intense" when they had eaten the garlic in bulb and capsule form than when they (the same men) hadn't eaten it.

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