A high fibre diet stops you from getting ill.

Eating plenty of fibre is not only good for your heart, it has been discovered to protect us from infection.
A bit of roughage, whether a stalk of broccoli or a slice of wholemeal bread, has been found to maintain the gut's first line of defence against invading nasties.

This layer of mucus may not sound very nice, but it helps keep out bugs like E.coli which can cause devastating food poisoning. And it relies on fibre to function because, when our digestive microbes do not have fibre to eat, they are now believed to start feasting on the protective barrier instead.

Scientists at the University of Michigan made the finding from putting human gut bacteria into mice, finding those deprived of fibre were more easily infected with E.coli.  It means more reason to eat your greens, porridge oats, lentils and nuts, with fibre already known to cut the risk of heart disease, stroke and bowel cancer. However most of us in Britain eat less than half of the 30g we should get a day.

Source  - Daily Mail

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