Scientists find no evidence they help to fight off bladder infections

Cranberries are often regarded as a superfood but they may not be as good as scientists first thought.

Experts say the fruit - which contains a high amount of beneficial compounds known as flavonoids - can improve heart health and the immune system. It is also thought to reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs) of the bladder, kidneys and the tubes among elderly women. But the berries had little effect on reducing any such infections, new evidence suggests. 

Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, gave older women in nursing homes cranberry capsules or a placebo. The study randomly assigned 185 women with an average age of 86 two oral berry capsules or a fake pill. 

Both capsules contained 72mg of the active ingredient proanthocyanidin, equivalent to a pint of cranberry juice.  They found the berries made no significant difference in presence of bacteria and white blood cells in the urine (pyuria), a sign of UTIs.

Source  - Daily Mail

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