Meditating their way to medals!

Team GB's star army of athletes, who produced the country's most successful haul ever in Rio, have frequently talked about their gruelling training regimes.

However, it's thought that mindfulness - the art of being aware of the present moment - could have helped Britain's top athletes eke out the crucial marginal gains that mean the difference between winning and losing. 

Bronze-medal winning Tom Daley spoke out about the powers of meditation ahead of the Olympics and other top athletes including Max Whitlock and Jack Laugher are thought to have employed the help of mindfulness.  

Daley revealed that he'd used the Headspace app to help him prepare for the Rio Olympics. He told ESPN in July that meditation had become a crucial part of his training regime.  He said: 'It's called Headspace. I massively recommend it. Lots of the English Institute of Sport guys are actually using it. It's helped me massively.'

Daily Mail

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