Why those warnings to 'keep hydrated' are hogwash!

You might assume the advice 'carry a bottle of water with you' is directed at intrepid souls about to cross a barren wasteland, or en route to some far-flung place where water is hard to find. But no, it is the warning to commuters from strike-hit Southern rail.
And they aren't the only nanny bossing us to take water with us every time we leave the house. Chivvied by preachy reminders, millions of us are now paranoid about suffering a plague of ills if we don't carry extortionately priced bottles of water at all times.

You see the results of this mania every day in streets, shops, offices and on public transport. Adults are dutifully sipping from plastic bottles with stoppers that resemble baby bottle teats. Since the turn of the millennium, bottled water consumption in the UK has doubled. 

Last year, we each drank an average 44 litres — a total of almost 3.3 billion litres, predicted to grow to 4.8 billion by 2020, and worth £2.5 billion a year to the industry. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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