Expert reveals why seafood really is a superfood

From avocados and kale, to berries and seeds, the list of superfoods has never been bigger. 
Many of us spend much of our hard-earned cash buying the latest en trend food in a bid to be healthy. But by sticking to dry land, we may be overlooking a number of natural sources with 'super' properties.

From improving complexion to keeping bones and teeth healthy, dietitian Juliette Kellow explains how eating seafood can be key to maintaining good health. She has worked with Seafish, the UK authority on the fishing industry, to put together a definitive top 10 list of ‘superfish’  as well as the ultimate super fish dish. 

It doesn’t appear in our diet very often, but protein and nutrient-rich crab is the ultimate superfish.  In particular, the brown meat is packed with calcium, which is important for bone health.  The brown meat also contains iron for making red blood cells and preventing tiredness.  Both brown and white meat are exceptionally high in copper – a 140g serving white meat provides more than enough (and brown meat even more).

Source  - Daily Mail

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