Can supplements really make us more beautiful?

Beauty pills all contain ingredients which are believed to have a positive effect on the skin.
But the 'perfect dosage' can't be agreed upon by experts, and many warn that collagen doesn't work when taken orally.  However, some supplements do help to keep your skin young while there are many that don't work at all.
Here, in a piece for The Hippocratic Post, medical journalist Thea Jourdan reveals what the main pills are to avoid.

The market for OTC anti-ageing 'beauty' nutritional supplements is growing but can you really expect to pop a pill and see the results in the mirror?  All beauty pills contain active ingredients that they say have a positive effect on the skin. 
Ones you may expect to work – like those containing collagen for example – are actually pretty useless when taken by mouth since they don't survive the digestive process. 
Others may surprise you, like those which have lycopene in their ingredients list, which is quite effective.  Experts can't agree perfect dosages and individual response to these supplements is very variable. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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