Would this help YOU go to the loo?

Many of us shudder at the thought of discussing our bowel habits – suffering constipation, piles or bloating in silence.
Now, soaring numbers of people claim using a footstool has revolutionised how they go to the loo.
Squatty Potty, dubbed the 'stool for better stools', is a device designed to improve people’s posture while on the toilet, to make the experience is as smooth as it can be. The company’s Facebook page has more than 130,500 likes, and stories of the footstool's benefits are sweeping through New York and London.

Based in Utah and launched in 2011, the product is by no means the only bathroom stool on the market. But it shot to fame last year after its television advert – featuring a wide-eyed unicorn who squats over a series of wafer cones and fills them up with rainbow-coloured 'ice-cream' – went viral.
The device was created as our current way of sitting at a toilet is not the best way of passing bowel movements easily, its makers claim.
Sitting with the body at a 90 degree angle to the leg means a muscle in the colon – called the puborectalis - remains taut. This keeps the bowel kinked, means it is difficult for faeces to pass through.

Source  - Daily Mail

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