Going veggie IS good for you!

Ditching meat lowers your risk of cancer, diabetes, strokes and heart disease - and you can get all your protein from vegetables, a leading nutrition expert claims.
Americans eat 80 per cent more meat than the Chinese, where there is a government push to half meat consumption by 2030. But in the US, the latest dietary guidelines published by the Department of Agriculture do not advise eating less meat.
The long-awaited guidelines for 2015-2020 only list meat, eggs and dairy as a source of protein - with no mention of vegetables, grains or nuts offering the same benefits.
Hitting out at the advice, Professor Randall Stafford of the Stanford Prevention Research Center has written an open letter explaining how a vegetarian diet could do wonders for our health.

In fact, two cups of yogurt contain all the protein you need for a day, he claims.
'Increasingly, evidence demonstrates the health benefits of plant-based diets that eliminate or greatly reduce meat intake,' Professor Stafford wrote in a letter to the journal JAMA'Additional ethical and environmental dilemmas surrounding meat production provide impetus to reconsider the consumption of meat.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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