Why broccoli really is a superfood

Eating broccoli could lower your risk of having coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer, a new study suggests. 

Flavonoids found within the 'superfood' could aid the body's response to diseases, scientists claim. Just consuming the vegetable once every three days could improve the immune system by aiding inflammation. And scientists believe they are now one-step closer to creating other vegetables such as kale and cabbage with mega-doses of phenolic compounds.   

Geneticist Dr Jack Juvik from the University of Illinois said: 'Phenolic compounds have good antioxidant activity, and there is increasing evidence that this activity affects biochemical pathways affiliated with inflammation in mammals. We need inflammation because it's a response to disease or damage, but it's also associated with initiation of a number of degenerative diseases.... '

Source  - Daily Mail

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