Scientists claim they've finally cured stretch marks with green tea.

Stretch marks may soon fade from memory thanks to a cream which is claimed to stop them in their tracks. And its secret weapon? Green tea.

Solution for Stretch Marks is billed as the first effective treatment and could help older mothers, whose skin is more prone to scarring. The culmination of four years of research at the University of Manchester, its key ingredient is a compound found in green tea which calms red, angry skin.

The lotion, which has just been launched, is designed to tackle marks as they appear, so is not expected to have any effect on existing ones. Stretch marks arise when deep layers of the skin are stretched and torn, essentially creating a miniature wound, and a wide variety of ointments claim to reverse the damage. 

However, a recent review in the British Journal of Dermatology concluded that very few actually work, causing anxiety for women. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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