Organic food is no healthier than normal produce, professor says

Organic food is not better than other produce in Britain because food standards are already so high, a leading expert in food sustainability has said.
Professor Louise Fresco, author of Hamburgers in Paradise, argues that European standards mean that pesticides are used so far before the harvest that no residues remain when they reach shoppers. She also warns that organic farmers are wasting land by not using fertilisers which boost crops and says there is little evidence to show organic food is healthier. Speaking at The Hay Festival in Wales, she said: "There is really no indication in general that organic food is healthier. The chemical composition of the apple is the same whether it's an organic apple or not. When most people think about organic, it's ok at least it doesn't have the toxic residues of pesticides on them. That's true, it shouldn't be the case, however in Britain and in Europe with the rules we have, we cannot have toxic residues and other pesticides because the pesticides applications needs to be very long before the harvest so in principle you do not have UK apples that have pesticide residues."

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