Black salve problems.

A woman was left with a huge gaping hole in her nose after using an alternative treatment she thought would would cure her skin cancer.
A truly gruesome video documents what happens after she rubbed black salve - an ointment which burns and destroys skin tissue - onto her face and forehead.
Within a few days of applying the paste, horrifying inch-wide black and green scabs appeared as the salve ate away at the skin. She was left with an unsightly crater in her nose - through which she could draw air - and needed major reconstructive surgery to rebuild it.

The product is commonly classified as an escharotic - a paste which burns and destroys skin tissue and leaves behind a thick, black scar called an eschar.  The U.S.Food and Drug Administration has listed it as a 'fake cancer treatment' and is actively trying to ban it.

In the UK, the British Skin Foundation says there is 'no evidence' black salve can treat skin cancer. Writing in an internet forum discussing cancer treatment, the women said had been diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma, the most frequently occurring type of skin cancer. It is highly treatable and hardly ever deadly - and she was advised she needed Mohs micrographic surgery.

Source  - Daily Mail

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