Is meditation key to a youthful mind?

Meditation doesn’t just free the mind, it could also keep it young.

Regular meditation knocks seven and a half years off the middle-aged brain, a study found. The researchers said that the combination of intense concentration and relaxation may trigger the growth of new brain cells. And while they didn’t look at whether the meditators were also smarter, brain shrinkage is linked to Alzheimer’s and other memory-robbing diseases.

The scientists scanned the brains of 50 American men and women who regularly meditated and 50 non-meditators. The scans were fed into a computer programme that analysed the images and provided an age for each brain based on its physical condition. The results were striking.

In general, the non-meditators’ brain age and actual age were the same, so a 55 year old’s brain looked like it was 55. However, the meditators’ brains were younger than their years, with the average 50-year-old having a brain that belonged in a 42 or 43 year-old’s body.

Source  - Daily Mail

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