Could watercress be an unlikely tool in fight against smoking?

Watercress could be an unlikely weapon in the fight against smoking, experts have revealed.
Taking the plant extract several times a day significantly inhibits the activation of a tobacco-derived carcinogen in smokers, a new study suggests. The findings also show how the extract detoxifies environmental carcinogens and toxicants found in cigarette smoke.

Futhermore, scientists at the University of Pittsburgh say the effect is stronger in people who lack certain genes involved in processing carcinogens.

Dr Jian-Min Yuan, at the Pitt Graduate School of Public Health, said: 'Cigarette smokers are at far greater risk than the general public for developing lung cancer, and helping smokers quit should be our top cancer prevention priority in these people. But, nicotine is very addictive, and quitting can take time and multiple relapses.

Source  - Daily Mail

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