Drinking a lot of coffee every day 'could cut the risk of developing multiple sclerosis'

Drinking a lot of coffee every day could potentially cut the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, according to findings that could help in the search for a cause to the illness.
Consuming more than 900ml – the equivalent of two Grande coffees in Starbucks – may offer up to a 30 per cent reduced risk of the condition, known as MS, experts found. Caffeine is known to have neuroprotective properties and has been shown to suppress inflammatory responses in the body.
Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and the University of California, Berkeley, looked at two studies. One, in Sweden involved 1,620 adults with MS and a comparison group of 2,788 people without MS. The second was a US study of 1,159 people with MS and 1,172 healthy people.
In both studies, people were asked about their coffee consumption and how long they had been drinking coffee for. The researchers then estimated coffee intake at and before the start of MS symptoms in those who developed the disease, and compared this with healthy groups.

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