Don’t hate homeopaths

It has been labelled 'quackery' with no basis in science.

But one expert says homeopathy, an alternative 'treatment' where it is purported highly diluted substances can 'heal' the body,  has been unfairly vilified.
Dr Helen Beaumont, of the Faculty of Homeopathy, which registers and trains health professionals who use homeopathy in their practice, says people cannot discuss the subject without resorting to name-calling

Writing for the medical blogging website The Hippocratic Post, she says just because the evidence on homeopathy is inconclusive, it doesn't mean it is ineffective - and 'gold-standard' trials have proved it works beyond placebo.
Moreover, as it is less expensive than conventional treatments such as drugs, it could save the NHS money at a time of dire financial constraints.
Here, she explains why we should embrace homeopathic practice instead of attacking it...

Source  - Daily Mail

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