How complementary therapy 'can help with the roller-coaster of coping with cancer'

What do you do if a chemotherapy patient is scared of needles? Or extreme pain because of surgery? Can’t sleep because of the fear of never waking up?
One of the ways the staff at Velindre have adapted their service over the years is to offer complementary therapy. The treatments on offer include aromatherapy, reiki or reflexology. The results are impressive, a patient survey found 82% of people felt their symptoms were improved by using the service. It all began 18 years ago when a patient left in his will a legacy for one therapist to work one day a week.
Slowly but surely it has grown. Now there is a full-time clinical lead, Angela Green, and 12 therapists covering 60 hours a week. The services are offered across the centre to staff, families, carers and patients and help people both physically and emotionally cope with the stress and strain cancer throws at them.

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