Study finds acupuncture effective treatment for chronic pain in children

It is upsetting to see anyone in pain, but it's especially heartbreaking to watch a child endure chronic pain.
In addition to the suffering itself, chronic pain can cause traumatic effects on a child's quality of life, and it can have significant physical, psychological and social consequences. Making matters worse, chronic pain greatly can affect the child's parents or caregivers by causing feelings of helplessness and inadequacy.
Treating children with chronic pain can be complex, due to kids' vulnerability while they're growing and fear of causing long-term effects. Data about the safety and efficacy of therapeutic options for children is limited.
"Effective treatment of pain can be particularly difficult because it's subjective; but with children, it is increasingly difficult because a child may not be able to communicate effectively depending on the age and accurate recognition of pain," says Angela Johnson, MSTOM, MPH, practitioner of Chinese medicine of Rush's Cancer Integrative Medicine Program.
Johnson led a recent study at Rush that found that acupuncture may be a safe and effective adjunctive integrative medicine treatment for chronic pain in pediatric patients. Results of the study were published in the December 2015 issue of Alternative and Complementary Therapies.
"While acupuncture has been shown to reduce pain in adults, there is very little data on whether it's effective in children." Johnson says. "This study looked at the effect of acupuncture in children directly, rather than examining data collected from adults. This focus is especially important, since children experience pain in different ways than adults."

How complementary therapy 'can help with the roller-coaster of coping with cancer'

What do you do if a chemotherapy patient is scared of needles? Or extreme pain because of surgery? Can’t sleep because of the fear of never waking up?
One of the ways the staff at Velindre have adapted their service over the years is to offer complementary therapy. The treatments on offer include aromatherapy, reiki or reflexology. The results are impressive, a patient survey found 82% of people felt their symptoms were improved by using the service. It all began 18 years ago when a patient left in his will a legacy for one therapist to work one day a week.
Slowly but surely it has grown. Now there is a full-time clinical lead, Angela Green, and 12 therapists covering 60 hours a week. The services are offered across the centre to staff, families, carers and patients and help people both physically and emotionally cope with the stress and strain cancer throws at them.

Why drinking hot lemon in the morning DOES improve your health

If you are on the path to better health, this daily trick to alkalise your water could hardly be an easier place to start.
A new infographic by health website DYLN reveals the ways drinking lemon water daily can improve your health.
The graphic lays out the top ten scientific explanations as to why lemon water is so good for you, including helping to keep skin youthful, supercharging your immune system and aiding weight loss. 
According to the site, lemon water gives an alkalising, energising and revitalising boost that will help you fight common illnesses and signs of ageing.

Immune system supercharge   - If you’re going to be catching a flight or spending time with lots of children, you can avoid the flu or the common cold by loading up on Vitamin C beforehand.

Youthful skin  - Lemons also contain antioxidants which help fight against skin damage from free radicals, sunlight, pollutants and toxins in your body. Vitamin C also helps your fight against the ageing process, boosting collagen synthesis in the skin.

Source - Daily Mail