Back pain?

Most of us have aches and pains: a niggling crick in the neck, tightness in the lower back. A keen walker and horse-rider, I have always put the twinges that afflict me down to physical exertion.
The tennis elbow in my left arm? Driving a 4x4 every day. Stiff neck? Sleeping in the wrong position. Gnawing tightness in my lower back? Trotting up and down in a saddle up to four times a week - right?
Wrong. According to holistic therapist Sophia Kupse, backache is caused by emotional rather than physical injury. Painful experiences - even those as far back as childhood - can be stored in our muscles, causing them to ache.

The self-styled Muscle Whisperer has pioneered a technique called Langellotti Tri-Therapy, LT therapy for short. Favoured by celebrities such as Liv Tyler, it combines psychotherapy with massage. Just another celebrity fad or a groundbreaking new treatment for an affliction that blights a third of Britons?
While I'm sceptical, I'd love to do away with the Voltarol, Deep Heat and boiling hot baths, so decide to give it a go.

Source  - Daily Mail

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