Whole Foods' asparagus water: do fruits and vegetables add health benefits?

The latest craze of flavoured water reached a new level this week when a Whole Foods store placed three stalks of asparagus in water and threw a $6 price tag on the side. Shortly after, they admitted the product was a mistake.
But the episode did raise the question: are any of these flavoured waters actually better for you than what comes from the tap? The Guardian spoke to nutritionists and the consensus seemed to be that adding fruit or vegetables gave “slight benefits”, and some additions are superior to others.
Leslie Bonci, a sports nutrition consultant based in Pittsburgh, said people have added everything to water, including artichokes, maple and now, asparagus. “Everyone is always looking for something new. Water alone isn’t good enough any more,” she said. “We know we need water, but it becomes boring.”
Although Bonci supports people keeping hydrated, she said asparagus in water at $6 a bottle is probably not the best way to go about it. 

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