Want to boost your brain power? Try climbing trees.

If crosswords are too easy and Sudoku a touch boring, why not go and climb a tree?
A study found that childish pastimes such as climbing trees, running barefoot and crawling dramatically boost memory. Working memory - the type of memory we use every day to remember phone numbers, follow directions and use a shopping list - improved by 50 per cent.

Those who don’t want to find their inner child will be glad to hear that squash, tennis and football are likely to have a similar effect. Like climbing a tree, they feed the brain with information about everything from balance to orientation and give it a good workout.

The University of North Florida researchers put 72 men and women aged between 18 and 59 through a test of working memory, in which they had to remember lists of numbers in reverse order. Some then spent two hours doing a range of obstacle course-like activities.

Source  - Daily Mail

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