Sugar: Can we trust industry?

Imagine a kilo of sugar - the large bag that you might buy in a supermarket.
It's a lot, isn't it? But that's exactly how much sugar the average adult consumes in a fortnight. Teenagers have even more. This is the reason why the sweet stuff is the new frontier in the campaign to get people to live healthier lives.
One of the problems is that it's often hidden in the foods we eat. While fizzy drinks and confectionery are obvious sources, you may be surprised to learn that tinned soups, salad dressing and tomato ketchup all contain pretty high levels of sugar. Government advisers have recently suggested no more than 5% of daily calories should come from added sugar - half the level of the previous recommendation.
But that is going to be a tough ask. No age group was meeting the old guideline, never mind getting close to the new one.

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