Meet the doctor who physically FEELS what his patients are going through

It is an expression widely used... 'I feel your pain'. But for one doctor, the saying is uttered with complete sincerity.
For Dr Joel Salinas, who works at Massachusetts General Hospital, is in a rare position - he can physically feel what his patients are going through.
The neurologist suffers the rare condition mirror-touch synesthesia, a condition which means he experiences the same sensations he observes others going through.
He told WBZ-TV: 'When I see people, I have the sensation of whatever touches their body on my own body.'
Dr Salinas first noticed the condition when he was a child. When he watched other people hugging, he said he would feel as though he was being hugged. And, while less pleasant, when he watched a person being hit, he felt their discomfort.
Though he escapes feeling a person's pain, Dr Salinas described the sensations as 'unsettling'.

Source  - Daily Mail

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