Going for a countryside walk really DOES reduce stress and anxiety

They say a dose of fresh air is good for the lungs and the skin.  But it may also be good for the brain, scientists claim.
Taking a walk in a natural place can ease depression, according to new research.
A study found strolling around a green place stops people dwelling on negative repetitive thoughts. However, walking around an urban setting, such as a city or a town, did not have the same effect. 

Previous research has linked such negative thoughts, called rumination, to higher levels of mental illness. Those who ruminate dwell of negative aspects of themselves, replaying embarrassing or disappointing moments in their mind.
It is known from former studies that people who live in cities are more prone to rumination, and therefore more likely to become depressed, although it is not yet known why.
The new study shows taking a walk in a green place could help ease the rumination that is linked to living in an urban place, the researchers concluded.

Source  - Daily Mail

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