Why nuts really are the super snack

We have always been a nation of grazers. On average, we squeeze in at least two snacks a day on top of our three main meals.
But while we are now grabbing food on the go more than ever before, we are also considering the best choices for our health — and that isn’t crisps, with their high levels of artery-clogging saturated fat. According to the latest industry figures, sales of crisps fell by 1.7 per cent last year, while sales of nuts rose by 6.6 per cent.

‘There is a trend towards more natural, healthier products,’ says retail analyst Chris Longbottom, a director at Kantor Worldpanel, which helped compile the recent analysis of the snack industry.
Happily for nuts, they have enjoyed something of an image change. For years, their high fat content was seen as something to be avoided. But that message has now been flipped, with dietitians insisting that we need to consume more of the unsaturated fats they contain. These can help prevent blood clotting and maintain a regular heart rhythm.

Source  - Daily Mail

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