Two cups of coffee a day can HALVE the risk of breast cancer returning

Just two cups of coffee a day could halve the risk of breast cancer returning in women recovering from the disease, a study has found.
Researchers found coffee can stop the growth of tumours in women who have already been treated with the drug tamoxifen.
Tamoxifen is the main hormonal therapy drug given to women who have not been through the menopause, and is usually taken for five years or longer after treatment for breast cancer.
Most breast cancer tumours rely on the hormone oestrogen to grow, and tamoxifen blocks oestrogen from reaching the cancer cells.
This means the cancer either grows more slowly or stops growing altogether.
As part of the study, Swedish and British researchers looked at data from 1,090 breast cancer patients, in a follow up of a similar study carried out two years ago.

Source  - Daily Mail

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