More and more women are being left crippled by killer heels

Four years ago, a shopping trip was torture for Angela Kelly, 67. Though still a super-fit events organiser, the former over-50s All England badminton mixed doubles champion was reduced to hobbling at a snail's pace, hanging onto her trolley for support.
It may sound as though Angela was struggling with a debilitating disease or catastrophic accident. In fact, she was suffering from the painful legacy of a lifetime wearing high heels. Her story is a cautionary tale for those of us who blithely slip our feet into shoes several inches high on a daily basis.
Most women are well aware that wearing high heels for any length of time can result in sore feet, pinched toes and tight calf muscles. But a worrying new study by researchers in the U.S. suggests high heels can also put dangerous pressure on knee joints, wearing away cartilage - the body's built-in shock absorber - and increasing the risk of osteoarthritis. Some women need invasive knee replacement surgery.
In the study carried out by Stanford University's biomotion team, the knees of healthy women were scanned as they walked at normal pace in flat shoes, 1½ in heels and 3½ in heels. They found that in high heels, women's knees are held in such an awkward, bent position that their joints looked and performed like aged or damaged joints - increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.

Source  - Daily Mail

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