How an apple a day really DOES keep ailments at bay

Eating an apple a day does not actually keep the doctor away - but it might stop you going to your pharmacist.
Researchers looked at data on 8,399 US adults and initially found evidence to support the proverb. They discovered that those who had one small apple a day had a nine per cent lower chance of visiting the doctor several times a year.
However when they adjusted their statistics for other factors, their conclusions changed.
The University of Michigan researchers adjusted for ways that ‘apple eaters might be very different from everyone else,’ such as how they were less likely to smoke and be more educated.
Considering those factors, the study found that people who eat an apple a day were just as likely as everyone else to go to doctors. They were also just as likely to stay overnight in a hospital or visit a mental health professional.
Apple eaters were, however, less likely to use prescription medication. 

Source  - Daily Mail

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