Why seaweed is now at the top of the superfood table

It's the new superfood that's been steadily gaining popularity, especially with nutritionists and those in the know.  
Better known as algae or seaweed, kelp is now being touted as the latest nutritional powerhouse and is set to take over from kale as the trendy new ingredient to add to your diet. The vitamin-packed seaweed is not only a concentrated sourced of calcium and iodine, it has also been found to have natural antioxidant properties.
Geeta Sidhu Robb, nutrionist and founder of of Nosh Detox has been using kelp for some time now as it has some superior properties compared to kale. 
In fact Ms Sidhu-Robb said that it's kelp's high iodine content which makes it one of the best foods around.   According to Ms Sidhu-Robb, nearly 70% of UK women are said to be be iodine deficient.
She told Femail: 'Kelp has iodine, because only ocean products contain iodine. Iodine nourishes the thyroid gland, the powerhouse of the metabolism. It's the one thing that most people have out of balance when fatigued. Kelp and kale are different as they do different things,' she continued. 'But it does have iodine which kale doesn't and magnesium and calcium which kale does.

Source  - Daily Mail

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